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  1. ONLINE: Each day an online version of Time With God is available at twg.austinridge.org. It is optimized for viewing on your mobile devices. Bookmark twg.austinridge.org and take TWG everywhere you go with a web connection.
  2. EMAIL: Time With God is available via email daily. To receive these studies in your email inbox, register at https://www.austinridge.org/twg/.


Use the social network buttons to share the TWG with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or to email the study to friends and family. Let people know how God is encouraging, challenging, and growing you.


There is a “comments” section at the bottom of each day’s study in the online format. You can use this space to ask a question, share a prayer, or express how God has encouraged, convicted, or blessed you in today’s Time With God. Please note that all comments can be viewed by the general public and will be screened for appropriate content and posted after review. Comments will be posted at the sole discretion of the site administrators.

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